Context on Balance Changes

I don’t know how much these forums get looked at, if at at all by the devs. But on the off chance they are I’d like to make a small recommendation:

When doing patch notes for balance changes add a few sentences of feedback as to why you’re doing them.

Right now there is a lot of heated discussion over nerfs and changes in this forum and on reddit, a lot of people are upset. This is understandable, a lot of people get accustomed to something and then when it gets changed they feel the need to express their dissatisfaction, even if it’s for the health of the game.

Being a person who has played a lot of pvp games I can with certainty say this: the games where the devs explain the reasoning behind their changes, even if it’s just in a broad sense, recieve a lot less anger directed at them than those who don’t. Devs have access to a lot of data that regular players don’t have, they generally have a good sense on where they want to be, even if their methods of getting there aren’t always appreciated. Giving the community insight towards the direction the devs want and the reasoning behind changes is a good way to curb backlash to changes made in the games balance.

Hope someone reads this and I’m off to slay more rats. It’s a fun game FS o/


Good feedback, this actually came up internally in a discussion recently. We want to be transparent with you guys and provide better/more/any info on balance and changes. Now, I’ll be the first to admit to being horrible with my changelogs (it’s basically just “nerf everything lololol”) but I am commited to improving. Kidding aside, stay tuned and we’ll do better in the future.

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