[Suggestion] Kruber's executioner sword headshot sound like in VT1

Hello FS,

A question. Can we have the headshot sound of the executioner sword of Kruber, playing even with the light attacks like in VT1. At least as an option in the main menu (to give the possiblity to toggle it on/off for players like me and so on, who likes this feature, to be able to enjoy). To not irritate other players you can make it local (which can only be heared by the Kruber player).

Really an old enjoyable feature ! Usefull to know exactly if you do headshots anytime. I got sad when you removed it. I think it’s an inherent particularity of the exec, or it should still be ! (It’s part of the magic of it).

It is not a priority, but a much appreciated option :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading.

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