Executioner sword's missing 4th swing

I’ve made like 3 posts about adding the 4th swing to the executioner back and all of them have been met with approval by others. I beg of you to add the 4th swing back as it was extremely useful and also actually completed the attack chain. The animation just looks so off since every other weapon has a proper flow with it’s attack chain while the exec sword just warps across the screen after the 3rd strike. I realize it’s still there now as a block attack but that doesn’t mean it can’t be part of the actual chain as well.


After the third attack it looks like your arms rotate once arround your whole body, to come in from the right site again. Kinda hillarious :smiley:.
So i agree with you

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This plz.

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Anything that even remotely resembles Vermintide 1 will not be added into this game because it’s too fair and balanced.