Shooting without Effect

Really, Fatshark, I am so fed up of your targeting nonsense. In my last game, I shot a Blightstormer at point-blank range and nothing happened. When one is using a slow-loading sniper weapon, one usually does not get a 2nd chance. There have been countless times when shooting a stationary target which is in my face and which one should be able to hit with one’s eyes closed has no effect.

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Same here bro - troll hammer torpedos sailing through enemies is super game breaking and annoying as it’s paid content too. What’s the deal? Why so many new bugs - the game is UNSTABLE AS FUGG since last week or so. I just convinced all my brothers to buy this as it’s one of my fave games and now they have it - it runs like garbage! And after me telling them it runs and looks great for a 5 year old game. It isn’t cheap either! Come on Fat Shark - what’s going on?

Aye, happens sometimes (rarely) - regardless of the weapon.
But this

is not true imho.

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