Can i please get some acknowledgement on Phantom/Ghost Hits Fatshark?

This was an issue in VT2 early on and it took a while before it was fixed. Taking a bunch of unnecessary hits because the game doesn’t register your attack is painful. I’ve managed to get used to it but it would be nice to know if it’s being worked on.

You are so god damn silent about many things and it drives me nuts


Increadibly noticable issue. Adds to the feel of lack of polish to the game

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So much fun, shooting a guy in the head 2x just to deal no damage instead of oneshotting him.
Works even on enemies that are standing still. Guy gets staggered, but takes no damage.

Shot ghosting is the reason why i stopped using infantry lasguns and only use automatic guns now.


Yes, sometimes it´s pretty annoying. like shooting the trapper almost point blank in the face and sometimes getting neted anyways. it´s weird with the lasgun, trying to hit running targets but there is no hitbox where you see the guy. it´s pve so they don´t give a f i guess. my ping is good and i have over 100 fps so the problems are elsewhere.

this is not a game issue its a your too far away from the server or your internet is not the greatest issue.

personally i have never once experienced these problems and neither has my gf who lives with me. our internet is good and we have good proximity to the server.

Explain how it was an issue in VT2 then when i was the host with 0 ping.
It’s the same issue here.

haha well ill tell you i also never had this issue in vermintide 2. i know a lot of people who also have never had this issue. definitely sounds like a you problem.

Alrighty :+1:

I have a crappy connection and I get this issue a lot. It takes time but it is possible to get used to it. You have to shoot slighlty ahead of a moving target to compensate for bad ping, and then the server will registrate your hit

Ghost hits happen so often it’s actually insane.

Both in melee and ranged. It’s so frustrating while playing anything that remotely requires precition and having your nicely lined up killshot be nothing but sound effect, fake gore and a big fat middle finger.

Talk about minimizing problems just cause you don’t experience them.

The hit registration in this game is so seriously bad & outdated, the game should simply let the client decide on whether or not they hit or dodge something. The server dictating everything that happens is a very dumb way to make an online-only PvE game.

I remember Call of Duty in 2012 having better hit registration than this game.

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june 4.
this is still a thing 50% of my charged TH strikes just disappear+ input delays

fatshark give bezos more money for better servers if this has to be they way

It also depends on your personal connection to a degree.

On my old ISP I had anything from 5 to 50% ghost hits for both melee and ranged.

On my new and much better ISP it’s nowhere near bad but they still do exist, maybe 5 to 10%.

Ghost hits are why I took a huge shining to Ogryn early on (and also shelved the GG). When you shoot big you miss small. Ghost hits also kill things like the knife for me, you do no damage if you don’t headshot and a good 40% of your heavies into enemy heads are whiffs with blood and no hitmarker. Why can’t the damage calculation be done client side? Its not like the heretics notice lag.