The game is getting out of hand with hit reg

All this week the game has been buggy as heck with hit reg. Enemies have a medium lung range but i swear to god i could be running at top speed as a zealot built for fast movement and i’ll get hit from behind to see a little guy so far from me it makes no sense. Plus there is this weird thing going on when i shoot that it’ll stutter(?) at some point and it hurts me to tears when using my Helbore. Is there anything on FS doing a reset? Idk if they ever did

Do you mean, your character and weapon start to vibrate out of nowhere, when you ads?
I have had this issues as well, especially when using infantry lasgun and helbore.

the lunge thing is just a mechanic they changed , not long after launch if memeory serves , attacks used to have to actually connect but it was too easy to run past them, so now they attacks lock on you just cant evade by distance now.

if your asking about server restarts they have recently commented on that

the isues your describing sound more like uploads from you to the server issues, seems to be an issue we see fairly regularly the game seems to have fairly high network demands (not bandwith but tick rate and packet loss tolernace)

do you have wireless or wired? VPN or or other thing affecting connection. is the connection seeing a lot of other traffic to? , does it only happen in the evening?

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I only get to play between 3 and 6 pm on weekdays and i’m able to play all day on Saturdays but im not on it throughout the entire day. As far as connection, its wired with nothing else open but steam and the game. Its not a game i can play while watching or listening to something else. I was told about the experimental build and i will give that a shot to see if it works.

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