Hit registration is still terrible

I’ve lost count, over a single mission, of the number of times I’ve hit something, even got a hit marker, only for the server to tell me “No you didn’t”.
Between my ranged shots that do the nice crunch noise on flak armor but fail to do any damage or stagger, and the super-dog that I hit with my Thunder Hammer, which even bounced back, only to get pounced on a second later, I’m getting more and more annoyed that a PvE game such as this doesn’t even have client-side hit prediction. I don’t even need to talk about the weapon-switching and rubberbanding when the servers decide to take a crap on Heresy high-int or Damnation.

What could we even do to try and take advantage of that ? Pump up my ping with a lag-switch or something ?

Please Fatshark, just get on this already. We’ve been pointing it out for literally 4 months now. VT2 had no such issues, and had no cheaters either, as far as I’m aware.



It’s pretty bad when you can also see other people hit things and just have enemies not react to it at all.

Bloodspots and all.

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