Hit registration and sudden lag issues

Have the lot of you also had issues with hit registration (in melee or at range), where you get the sound effect for hitting something but nothing happened ?

Also, with projectiles (like the M1 on force staves) coming out with some lag and being launched towards stuff you were aiming at 0.1 seconds ago ?

I’m starting to think the dedicated servers idea is gonna turn out worse than the P2P we’ve had since forever on VT2.

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Yes. The servers seem to have slowly degraded over the last week or so.

Hounds in particular are a nightmare, on top of their already erratic nature. I was able to pretty consistently deadstop them in the first few days, now it’s an absolute crapshoot.

Similar for mutants just casually grabbing you when you’re behind them. And then crashing the server to add insult to injury :upside_down_face:

I figured this would happen from the start. I never wanted servers for this reason :expressionless:

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