Anyone noticing the Lag

Hey guys
Has anyone noticed the lag that seems to be ongoing? It just started up here recently for my friends and I. Blocks not registering stuff like that.


yup, I have that occasionally for a long time. nothing’s wrong with my internet, vt2 worked perfectly. seems lag happens in busy hours, like after 6pm or when I’m in a team with a russian or sg. probably stupid matchmaker sees us only european, altough I’m damn far away from russia. maybe there are no close players so matching goes wider but the search option would be nice as in vt2.
this basically ruins games in higher difficulties. can’t switch weapons, etc.

Darktide isn’t P2P like VT2.

Their servers are just poor quality and/or the netcode sucks. Combine that with the fact that the server is authoritative on almost everything and you get dumb things like your weapons refusing to swap.

If you have spent anytime in damnation difficulty after the release of the game, then yeah it should be obvious that the servers simply are not capable of handling lots of enemies, dot stacks, etc etc.

The fact that its starting to be visible even on the lower difficulties means that the servers probably haven’t had much maintenance done in their vacation period, if any at all.

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Yes sometimes the game is a bit laggy mate its not just you.

I’m not sure if it’s related, but I noticed that pushing pox bursters works like 1 out of 10 times for me.
I used to be fairly consistent with it and was getting better, but it seems my pushes just go through the pox burster in the last week or two.
I just started shooting them down and charging away from them whenever I can now because of this.

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I know it’s not p2p just recognised a pattern

Noticed it too. Pox-bursters jumping right through my push and ults not activating while the animations play 5 times in a row.

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same with hounds, but they are probably broken in other ways too

Pox Bursters are slow enough I can usually push them reliably, but Hounds have been known to get through pushes and melee attacks more often than they should.

As hgjw mentioned, it’s really noticeable on Damnation, partially because every action can be much important to survival. I’ve had times where the game would refuse to swap weapons despite up to 6 or 7 key presses.

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For me it’s the weapon switch. I hit Q and nothing happens, and then the horde is in my face so I spam Q like 100 times and finally it switches to my melee weapon…then switches back…then back again…

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