Poxburster Pushing seems weird since the latest Patches, so the Hounds and Netcode maybe

Since one of the latest Patches i have Problems to push the Poxbursters away like i could before pretty reliably. Almost always it seems like i push deep into them without pushing them back and they ofc explode right in front of me because its not possible to create distance. Is it just me?

With the Poxhounds i have problems too, to push em away, they get me most of the times now. Before i was able in the most cases to block them.
My Internet is perfect and i have no issues with other games what so ever.
Sometimes it feels like the netcode is bugged and the Hitboxes of the enemies are not where i can see them.
I rarely had (some friends too) the issue, that it seems to be laggy when you try to change the Weapon but it only starts the animation and you end with holding the same as before. Even when pressing multiple times after. It lasted the whole Mission when it occured.


Can confirm, a bunch of my friends and I have noticed this in the last couple of weeks. The dogs used to be pushable 9 times in 10, now it’s maybe 2 in 10 if we’re lucky. It’s REALLY bad. And the netcode is bad enough that dodging basically just… doesn’t work. Hosting the grinder makes dodging work 100% of the time, so it’s definitely server related.