Please make pushing bursted and hounds more reliable

I know you can push hounds mid-pounce since I’ve done it and poxbursters have to be pushed to deal with them in melee. However at full stamina pushing both can give wildly different results of working. Just make them more consistent since their presence on the field otherwise just means tanking the damage and that’s a death sentence on high difficulties.

I assume you keep in mind: latency issues, running out of stamina due to running and blocking melee attacks.

Also with pox bursters: uneven terrain, corners, stairs, depressions, other obstacles, a pebble in the boot, wind direction, room temperature, sun flares, daily horoscope and if your dad’s name is Bob?

There is a reason why I used to carry pox burster defence stats on my trinkets. I just love how they appear already mid-jump, about to explode, through near by door. A door you CANNOT avoid.

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