Pushing pox bursters is not consistent

Why can I push a burster back in the middle of a horde with a 1h axe with zealot but when I’m a 3m tall ogryn vs a single burster, no enemies around and no allies shooting it, I have to somehow do 2 pushes and that cannot even stagger one sometimes?

There must be something weird in the code, stagger related, because I cannot achieve 100% consistent pushes on these enemies. No skill issue here, it’s simply random when it wants to work and when it doesn’t, it’s quite frustrating.


I’m guessing pox bursters have stagger resistance like everything else but it feels very over-tuned. That combined with lag and dodgy netcode makes killing them and pushing them feel very inconsistent. They also have crazy hp on damnation which only adds to the problem.

Any other game with burster type enemies and flamethrowers:

Bursters: Low health, high damage, hti them right and proper and they deal more damage to their mates than to you (something i havent really seen so far, even if they blow up in the midst of a horde)

Flamers: Hit the tank and they go kaboom! Like Warpfire throwers.

Darktide: “Sorry, we don’t do that here!”

Those buggers make my bolter feel sad…


Tried to push one away by using the Psyker’s ability, but of course it did nothing, because common sense doesn’t apply to game design apparently.


game needs to reviese the pennances or actually have mechanics that make sense the game comes out in three days and its still the same issues i see day in and out theres no reason pennances like this are in the game i9 have 60 hours as a psycker and i still cannot push 20 enemies off a ledge so get rid of this challanege or make the push more useful its crazy all the pennances require crazy luck ontop of playing selfishly

These enemies let you feel important as Ogryn at the moment, explosive damage does 30x damage to them so even a bad bounce rumpler shot will set them off. If I hear beeps I pull out my gauntlet and wait for my moment to appear on the killfeed as Ogryn.

But as for pushing them I think there’s some bug where if they take any damage they are immune to pushing. I try to corner them as they walk into the fire line and if a trigger happy guardsmen tickles it with lasfire before I throw the push it does nothing, but if I get it in first it works. Definitely weird.

Though there are definitely phantom hits in the game currently, where a client action is recognized by everything but the server check for damage. I’ve even seen blood splatter on the wall from headshotting a dreg bruiser only for him to continue on. This is most noticeable trying to melee mutants instead of dodging for me.

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Psyker ult definitely pushes bursters away. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s inconsistent just like pushing them with melee, though.