Are you supposed to not be able to push back Bursters?

Are you supposed to not be able to push Bursters back when there are other enemies near? Or is this a bug/broken mechanic.

It kinda makes it impossible to do anything about them when you’re a Psycher with no gun to get them before they get in range. I rely on my sword push back to deal with these things, which is totally fine most of the time, but obviously there are times when there are other enemies, and they just don’t get pushed back, so if they spawn at the wrong time, it’s 100% guaranteed I’m losing half my health + peril.

Kinda making the whole experience annoying considering this happens at least once every mission.

That’s not even mentioning the fact they will sometimes spawn right next to you and blow up without warning…


Poxbursters are very inconsistent, i think they’re bugged af

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So apparently they have some kind of stupid design where if they take enough damage they become immune to stagger and thus immune to shoves.

So basically either shoot them or shove them but don’t do both. Shotguns are high stagger weapons but cannot stagger bursters unless at very close range. But a few shotgun blasts and the guy running to shove the burster won’t be able to push it.


To add to what Deisu said anything that applies brittle can often increase an enemy’s stagger resistance (weird rending bug I can’t be bothered explaining fully).

On top of this I believe pushing without the full amount of stamina required for the push reduces its stagger strength which can also make the push on poxbursters fail.

This still happens when no one has shot at it though. And I have a super high stamina build so that shouldn’t be an issue. Maybe it is? I dunno.

I dunno, they just feel like the only thing in the game that you can’t actually properly plan for, you just got to get lucky that they don’t spawn right next to you and blow up in your face without warning, that when they do spawn there’s nothing else near, that no one else shoots at it, and that you have max stamina, and hope that it doesn’t just blow up in your face for seemingly no reason.

These things ruin the whole experience for me because I’ll be able to get through a whole Heresy mission without losing more than a few health points, then BOOM! I’ve lost most of my health and then the few walkers next to me finish me off… Or two spawn at the same time, one just behind the other so when the first jumps and I push it back, the other blows up in my face mid animation so nothing I could possibly do about it.

Might be something with the new patch as well, I’m used to the stagger resist from shooting but yesterday I saw teamates try to push them undamaged and they didn’t fall back…

I run 3 stamina curios on my zealot so i know what you mean. This is a server issue with hit detection and latency. Its the same issue that sometimes causes my thunder hammer to fail to discharge on hitting a target. I’ve had that happen as many as 4 sequential time. Ghost hits someone called it.

But the other issue is a game mechanic and it is by design. Very very bad design.