Push-blocking does not consistently affect poxbursters

Push-blocking does not consistently knock back poxbursters. Here’s an example from earlier in Vigil Station Oblivium – you can see that I have stamina, I try multiple push-blocks, and it just doesn’t affect the burster at all. This happens pretty frequently and it is frustrating.

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This has killed me so often, it’s a 50/50 whether or works or not…
Most of the time you’re better off running, at least you won’t get quite as much damage.

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Judging by the video, maybe you pushed too early, my advice is to push while it jumps, and then dodge backwards.

Yeah, I usually do this. I used this vid as an example because I tried to pushblock repeatedly, so it’s less likely to simply be a timing or server lag issue. I have of course also observed pushblock failing in instances where I only pushblock once. I assume it’s just a hitreg bug, but it’s abnormally consequential in the case of bursters so I wanted to flag it specifically.

When poxbursters are shot at, they will gain stagger resistance of some sort. In this case, your teammate shooting the burster with the Laspistol did that and rendered your efforts to push it moot.

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Interesting. I’ve never heard that. Reference? Fwiw I’ve observed poxbursters being unaffected by push blocking in situations where they aren’t being shot, this is just one of many examples.

Yes, that’s my observation as well. Works maybe 50% of the time, and seems independent of lag, clutter on the screen, etc. I assume it’s just the hitreg bug that exists throughout this game, but imo in the context of bursters it’s important that it be fixed.


Yeah I quite dislike this interaction. It’s probably not intentional and probably just a consequence of the general stagger system, but it is an interesting case of anti-synergy between your teammates.


In most of the footage that I’ve watched, bursters not getting pushed by full-stamina pushes are because they were shot at, whether they were tagged by the edge of an explosion (Rumbler, Trauma staff) or directly tagged by a gun.

Not to say that it doesn’t happen outside of these circumstances, but it’s just what I’ve noticed most of the time. I usually just run away from my team whenever I hear a burster. Or if I’m confident that they don’t have line of sight on it, I push the burster. I have zero trust in my teammates.


I was responding to another person in this thread, forgot you can’t see that unless you quote them. My bad.

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Its a stupid Jumping Bug from both burster and dog.

Both enemies will be push immune if damaged right before the jump.

Same at me, i made a Bugreport on that Topic last Week. Seems weird sice last patch or so. Same with the Poxhounds, was able to push them reliably before, now they get me most of the time.

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