Server lags

There has been a few threads regarding this issue but i was hoping to give my 2 cents about it.
I’m having alot of fun with the game and it feels pretty good in many areas except the content. BUT the server issues makes me pissed off because now i’m in a position where i really want to play but the servers has me quitting. I typically play on damnation and it all works good until a horde or many entities spawn because then all of hell goes loose with teleporting enemies, iceskating and the lags making my swap my weapon 3 million times resulting in me ultimately dying.

These servers has been an issue for me day one and they have persisted to be as shitty now as they were back then. It’s not crap all the time but i’d say about 50-70% of the time there will be lags happening in one way or another.
Playing Malice and below is no issue so it must be when there is too much going on.

PLEASE don’t let the servers kill the game!!

I have the same.
I have no idea how true that is but it feels like this is happening more often in the evenings. And I wonder if ISP traffic shaping is partly responsible for it. Though even during the day there are a few hiccups (weapon not firing their ammo, some lag beyond the mod displayed ping etc.)

At least Vermintide 2 had a chance for you to play perfectly if the host. Though a lot of times the machine of the host was obviously not keeping up CPU wise with the same issues.

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