P2P please


I’m dealing with crashes which is very frustrating but i can deal with it for now.
What pisses me off the most right now are your damn servers.
When the enemies (especially ranged for some reason) are moving and i get a headshot it doesn’t register. Ever. I literally have to wait for said enemy to stay still for about 0.5 seconds before i know that my shot will register. I’m no tech nerd when it comes to servers but i do know that i’ve never encountered so many ghost hits in a game before and mind you, i played vermintide 1/2 when the ghost hits were at climax.
My framerate is roughly around 80-100 (medium/high) settings so my game is fine.
Whenever i play on Heresy and there is a big horde on top of you the entire game can start to microlag and stutter (latency-wise) which in terms makes me unable to properly swap weapons quickly, heavy attacks gets stuck in the chargeup-animation etc.

So my question or theory is that your servers are just real crap and is there a 0.5 second delay to where the entities are?

The honemoon is over and the issues within the game are really starting to outshine the awesome deep core gameplay that lies burried under all the mess.

Sorry for my rant.
I should say that i absolutely love the core gameplay but having all the issues that my beloved Vermintide 2 had once upon a time shoved in your face anew SUCKS!

Yes, the servers are crap. As for P2P, you do not know what you are asking for. In P2P, the host having a laggy connection means he will have a smooth game while everyone else lags. You wanna see what that likes, go play Warframe.

You are right about that! But that gives us a choice atleast. Leave and join someone else or host yourself if you’ve got a decent connection.
In Vermintide 2 i had no issues (except a very small amount of delay) playing with people in USA. I reside in Europe.

But if the servers are fixed then quality is a thing for everyone. That’s better than being at the mercy of whoever is hosting.

Heck, in Vermintide host having bad computer lags others.