Anyone seen this kind of lag?

Connection is fine on Morningstar and Psykarium. Stuff like this and some input lag happening during some missions (not all of them). Doesn’t matter whether using VPN or not.

I have not experienced anything that bad. I’ve had weird interactions with bursters because of the server, but it usually just ends in my push not working and them blowing up on me instead.

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Yes. The servers and/or netcode are just shoddy, especially on higher difficulties (It’s extremely noticeable on high intensity damnation)

Some different examples:


Yes, I’ve had 7-8 instances in 450+ hours where the servers were behaving strangely. But hey, I remember Vermintide 2 where there were no servers, but there were host players. It was terrible. Like, almost every 2nd cataclysm game, you had a ping of 100+. It was absolutely unplayable for me. At best, I had a ping of 80-90, everything else is a nightmare. So I’m willing to endure these servers, because. I encounter this problem quite rarely, which could not be said about Vermintide.

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Near constantly for me so bad it forces a disconnect.

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Total opposite for me. The servers are consistently terrible on damnation (And to a lesser extent on heresy). If I go through a match without it ever eating some inputs I consider that unusual. Have you been playing heresy+ yet?

I’d absolutely kill for P2P back, this is pretty much exactly what I expected to happen. It seems modern devs just want to cheap out and rent terrible Amazon servers that aren’t made for gaming as it’s been a pretty consistent issue across a lot of games I’ve played recently. (Multiversus, Apex, and Back 4 Blood being the most prominent examples at the forefront of my mind, honorable mention to Halo: Infinite but I dropped that fast as it was just a disappointment all around. I tried to like Apex but I don’t really like BRs and the servers eventually killed that for me too in conjunction with not caring for them)

All they had to do was fix host migration (Well, implement it) along with the ability to filter matchmaking by specific ping numbers. Oh well, throw it on the pile of disappointment.

I always play on difficulty 4-5, but there are problems due to the fact that at some time of the day due to a huge drop in online it is impossible to find people on these difficulties, so you have to “play” on boring difficulty 3 to look for resources. And strangely, I somehow didn’t notice if I was playing on difficulty 5 or 3 of any difference in lag. If servers lag, then they lag on all difficulties.

I did actually notice after playing more heresy difficulty that there was a lot more lag than malice. Up until this point, I have been playing mostly malice. It must have to do with more enemies.

It’s not as easy as it would seem on first glance. there seems to be a considerable portion of game-logic happening on the servers, which on a listen-server-configuration would have to happen on the hosts pc. Given that only a fraction of the playerbase is even able to exceed the recommended specs (which frankly should’ve been set way higher because they hardly enable even playing on a stable 60 fps, mostly CPU-bound), there’d be almost nobody even able to provide decent-quality-hosting for lobbies.
This is further proven by the fact that solo-play is supposed to come with a performance-hit as per dev-announcement.
That being said, I am in the same boat, server-quality (and in my case also cpu-restrictions) drive me away from damnation, whcih is frustrating to say the least.

At some point you could’ve realized that there is simply not enough players in your close proximity, no matter the game, Vermintide or Darktide, which makes it hard for you to contribute to the discussion as you simply lack the experience of regularly playing with a full lobby on these difficulties with all players being in close proximity to the server.

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I’ve only had it ruin one run, but it’s so common to have to play though it’s very annoying.

Nope, no issues with lag here that I couldn’t pin on local weather. Even on an 8 year old rig with a badly under-spec cpu. Quite frankly I wish more games had this “bad” net code.

have not experienced lag in 80+ hours of gametime (mostly Heresy+). Sometimes on big hordes theres enemies despawning to protect server bandwidth I guess, but that only means that their code is working correctly. I’m from EU West.

The poxburster push being inconsistent started happening to me some weeks ago.
It’s definitively a server-side problem that’s especially frequent on damnation runs.

It starts with bad hit reg and gets worse until you see weird sht happening mobs moving in static animations teleporting etc even the shop in the mourning star or your own inventory takes a moment to retrieve the information for your guns.

The servers do lag even with this tiny population we have atm. Imagine they fix the game and suddenly the population doubles.

This is Eu servers I’m talking about from about 3:30 until late evening. (when the school kids get back)

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