Few bugs I have encountered part 2

Issue Summary:
Shooting enemies with a handgun don’t affect enemies or just aggro them w/o animation of being hit. At 1st I thought that I’m not that good at shooting stuff (which is true) but I’m not that bad either: head or body shots just don’t register. My friend also noticed this for himself and he shoots well.
Often (< 75%)

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Try to shoot an enemy at a big distance

I don’t really care for this but here it is anyway: one of the frames (which I believe is ps4 exclusive) resets every time to default one after completing a map. It also has a strange habit of disappearing and reappearing in inventory.
Constant (100%)

Gutter runner attack through party members: usually if he decides not to attack obvious close target he pushes others away, but in this case, he just goes through you and attacks the one who stays behind you w/o any of the consequences for you.
Rare (< 10%)

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Yeah i think there definitely seems to be an issue with the hitscan weapons on PS4 (maybe xbox as well) i also easily notice this with the Blunderbuss. The projectile weapons (bows,xbows etc) seem to work fine though.

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