Phantom attacks and unhittable enemies

Issue Summary:

Version 1.03 on PS4

1st normal attack of Sienna’s sword still broken and frequently does not register hits.

Handguns, both Krubers and Bardins, will sometimes have no effect other than alerting the enemy the player was aiming at.

It has become increasingly common to encounter enemies that cannot be damaged, staggered, or pushed with melee attacks from one player in the party - other players can attack them normally. Ive noticed a similar issue with the flamestorm staff.

There are other game-breaking bugs that have been mentioned in other posts, most notably connection issues and audio glitches.

If evidence is necessary, please look at some recent videos on my YouTube channel (KittyThePet). I love you FatShark, please finish polishing your product so it is easy to recommend to new players. As it stands these bugs are making an otherwise great game about half as enjoyable as it could be. Thank you for your time!


The Sienna sword has had phantom swings on her first light attack since the Closed Beta Test. I cannot use it anymore as it doesn’t even stagger enemies causing me to be open for attacks.

Which is a shame because I liked using that weapon in V1 for it’s excellent wide swings and horde clearing capabilities.

Same thing is happening on Xbox.

Still audio glitch on fireball staff, and confag staff, normal and heavy attack. Invincible slave rat every now and again through hordes. And bosses sometimes teleporting before u see them right in your face. Kitty is absolutely right we love you and this game but these hindrances absolutely ruins the experience. Ps4.

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