Gunner Stagger Issues

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Enemy Mechanics

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I don’t know if it’s intended or not, but gunners restart some animations for grenades, ranged weapons, and even melee making it nearly impossible to take them down while they are gunning me. It’s probably has to do with them staggering you while shooting but there should be options to take cover or take them down while they are actively shooting. I noticed it as Zealot because that’s the class i play right now, not sure if it’s like that for other classes. i was using the new eviscerator and the new revolver and the throwing knife. I’m not sure if it’s on the guns because i’ve had inconsistencies with gunners for long but not to this degree.

Steps to Reproduce (Required):

  1. Play zealot
  2. Get shot at by 1 or more gunners.
  3. try to throw throwing knife/shoot with revolver
  4. Revolver seems to go ballistic firing 20 bullets but none of them are actually shot.

Reproduction Rate (Required):

Often (<75%)

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PC - Steam

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Try it with secondary attacks with a psyker, you’re unable to do anything.

Dude, you need this.

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note that it says “Enemy Melee Attacks cannot stun you.” The demo shows me getting shot at. that perk would not change the outcome.

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Many times, you can’t trust the skill descriptions provided by the game official


will test and will update. don’t think it will work though.

It works on all attack types and has worked like this since game release lol. It’s the most well known Zealot “secret” imaginable. If you don’t have Thy Wrath be Swift on your Zealot build your build is just factually wrong.


Sure but don’t forget that this is a bug report on how bad the game handles latency :smile:

Oh yeah not arguing against the bug report since it already came up though I will spread the word of the holy TWBS.

well in this case then there should be a middle ground to not get infinitely staggered, and the perk doing what it’s supposed to do. it will work of course but since its not communicated well enough in the game itself many people will have no idea. neither did i because of that.

Yeah I assume they’ve kept it this way for so long because they know people love how it works currently and allows for a uniquely aggressive playstyle against ranged mobs with Zealot. At this point they really should just update the description. It’s kinda sorta balanced by until death/holy rev also being very very strong and pathing for both is a little costly.

Yes, that’s why I wrote guidance posts on various errors in the game
But my mother tongue is not English, so ……you know~





just played a game with it and its true. 0 staggers with the perk but the problem is still there because i used mainly perks from the left tree and this is on the right tree. just to use the perk to not get staggered to oblivion. i dont want to sacrifice so many perks just for a game “mechanic” to not destroy me. i still think that staggered should be changed in some way to prevent clips like the one i attached and the perk, unless u spec mostly into the right tree, is a bandage fix and should not be the final solution.

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