Unable to shoot guns while under Gunner fire

Issue Description:
I’ve ran into this issue several times where if either a Dreg or Scab Gunner is actively shooting me, I am unable to use my ranged weapon. This has primarily happened with Infantry Lasguns and Helbore Lasguns, though I suspect this extends to all ranged weapons.

Steps to Reproduce:
Have a Gunner shoot at you while it damages your health. Maybe latency also plays a factor here.

Mission Name (If Applicable):


Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
May 8th 2023

Reproduction Rate:
Unusual (<25%)
Can’t cause this bug to occur often, due to the specific circumstances of triggering it.

I guess, you just getting staggered which is intended mechanic in game.

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I’ve tested this in the Psykhanium with the Creature Spawner mod with multiple Gunners firing at me. I cannot get this to occur on a locally hosted served, which is what the Psykhanium is. I don’t believe I’m being staggered when this bug occurs because the stagger duration is much shorter than the duration of this bug. The stagger duration is about a quarter second to a half second, but the bug I have run into seems to completely lock me out of shooting until the Gunner eventually kills me.

Maybe the bug involves not kicking me out of ADS and thinks I’m still staggered? I can’t reliably test it in the Psykhanium since it’s probably latency related.

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