Dreg gunners might have something (everything) overpowered in them

Issue Description:

The more I play the more I start noticing some huge issues with dreg shooter. Unfortunately I dont have video-recording tool and I dont want to download and set up one just for this report therefore I’m sorry for somewhat not complete bug report.

All screenshots are from “Heresy” meatgrinder (Mag size of my Autogun is 41)

First of all is substentional suppresion resistance. These guys are consistently take ~2 times more suppresion applications then any normal shooters ( I say applications because if I understand correctly suppression mechanic works like hidden “status bar” and if it’s fully filled enemy becomes affectded by status “suppresed”). Examples:

(± 1 ammo as a deviation in calculations is fair enough to consider I think)

Scab shooters/stalkers:

you can see starting frames of animation when enemy becomes suppresed( He reaches with his left hand to the head and then he starts crouching and shaking in fear). I have 39 ammo left ( full mag = 41). So it took me 3 shots to fully suppress scab shooter.

dreg shooter/stalker:

Now you can clearly see that it took me twice as much effort to fully suppress this guy. I have 35 ammo left so I spend 6 ammo to make this guy fully suppressed.

Funny enough:

To fully suppress ELITE enemy (dreg gunner) You need the same amount of ammo. Now there’s for sure something wrong.

You can repeat this kind of thing time after time with same result. But it’s not the end.

The rate at wich suppression status clears off of enemy for this unit is broken as well.

I shoved some dudes together with melee weapon:

And then fully supressed and kept them affected by status by continuously spraying shots above their heads.

Then THE SECOND I stopped spraying dreg shooter instantly recovered from being affected by suppression unlike other guys who were shaking for at least 2 seconds.

And now final screenshot that will convince anyone in dreg shooter being broken unit:

I once again pushed some dudes together and set up AEO explosion/suppression from Crusher’s special to affect every guy with a gun:

Then I did charged light attack:

As you can see clubber who got mauled by charged light didn’t even had time to fell but scab shooters/stalkers are already in fear trying to find a way to flee. But! dreg shooter just slightly tilts his head and stands still?

I think I’ve provided enough evidence for this unit to be looked at and fixed. Because the same issues are in actual game.

Also one final thing. The damage of dreg shooters might be out of hand too. I don’t have screenshots of this unfortunately because it’s hard to think about timed screenshot when you got obliterated by this guy. Damage scaling of dreg shooter is worth looking into as well. Because on Heresy difficulty one dreg shooter consistently breaks 144 toughness of my Zealot with 21% damage reduction from passive/talents in one volley. One volley.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Start the game and find dreg shooter on any map.
  2. Look at him having every problem I said about.

Mission Name (If Applicable):


Player ID:
Not needed

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
Not needed

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:
already did earlier.

Upload Console Log:
I don’t think it will provide needed info about this bug in particular.

Upload darktide_launcher.log:
I don’t think it will provide needed info about this bug in particular.


Well, that might be one reason why suppression suddenly feels useless on Heresy.

come on now man, suppression has always felt bloody useless and broken lol