Dreg Stalker Marked By Counterfire

Issue Description:
Since the Scab Stalker enemy has been stated to intentionally not be marked by the veteran’s Counterfire-talented ult, it logically follows that the inconsistency of the related Dreg Stalker being marked by it would be a bug. The only “shooter” enemy in the game appears to be the Scab Shooter - the other two lasgun-armed ranged combatants appear to be “stalkers.”

Steps to Reproduce:
Enter Psykhanium as veteran w/ Counterfire talent
Activate ult
Note the Dreg Stalker is incorrectly highlighted as a shooter

Mission Name (If Applicable):


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

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It is normal.

Does it make sense, no
Does it make it inconsistent, yes

Tbh, I’d just change the Dreg Stalker into Dreg Shooter and call it a day


Scab stalker will shoot at close range more often compared to scab shooter. Hard to see them in the dark its kinda challenging when they spawn.

The scab assaulters are unique though. They are the only gun enemy besides shotgunners and reapers who fire while moving, they don’t take cover or retreat. They basically have horde AI but a firearm.

Shooters meanwhile do not follow you, and will take cover and spread throughout an area to take pot shots at you. And only shoot from a stationary position, with scab shooters firing short bursts of 2-3 rounds from lasguns that do high HP damage while dregs fire longer 4 round bursts that do more toughness damage. None of the gun enemies in the game are the same, but lets reduce all the nuance in the game because veteran isn’t strong enough, somehow.


To be honest I’ve just been confused by this “bug report” the entire time, as I heard this discussion near release, and I thought it was clarified that there is only one kind of stalker enemy, the Scab Stalker. The Dreg enemies are the cult members. If there was a Dreg Stalker, wouldn’t it resemble the other Dreg enemies? So just what the hell is the OP talking about?

Scab shooters: Flak Armoured shooters that take cover.
Dreg shooters: Cloth Armoured shooters that take cover.

Scab stalker: Flak armoured stalker that shoots while moving
Dreg stalker: ??? (isnt in the bloody game!)

They aren’t called Dreg Shooter though. They are Dreg Stalker


Well thats strange to label them that, I’ll admit, but they simply function as the cover shooter enemy for the dregs. As of yet the Dregs don’t have the other variant of ranged enemy so in terms of mechanics its fine, right?

I think the above is correct.

Now here’s my other question: Does the curio perk for reducing damage from “gunners” apply to any of the above? What enemies count as gunners? Just the ELITE ranged enemies?

Only Reaper and Scab/Dreg Gunner count for Gunner resistance.

And Dreg Stalkers seem to follow the same half-commitment to melee the Scab Stalkers do, like you need to stay very close to them or their guns pop back out. Scab Shooters are clearly Krieg heretics because they get obsessed with bayonetting and even have high stagger resistance during that bayonet stab.

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On one side:

  • Giving Counter Fire the ability to target Scab Stalker is an unnecessary buff
  • Dreg don’t have Shooter

On the other:

  • Making the Dreg Stalker not be affected by Counter Fire would be a situational nerf, which isn’t a great thing to happen.
  • Dreg Stalker AI work more like Stalker than they do Shooters

So there are 3 ways to change it that would make it “fair” and reducing the inconsistency:

  • Introduce Dreg Shooter (Or make the current ones Shooter and make Stalker), make them be targeted but neither Stalker do
  • Rename Dreg Stalker into Dreg Shooter without changing anything
  • Nerf and buff Counterfire by make it affect all 3, but giving less back from Shooter and Stalker than they do with the rest of the marked targets
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Only applies to elite auto gunners.
Scab Gunner, Dreg Gunner and Reaper.

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