Taking Cover Crouched Is Useless/Gunner Stun & Knockback

i literally make my character as short as possible in the start of my character creation and i still get headshot on some head glitch type of angle that i do not know how it is possible but never the less, can this please be fixed its absolutely RIDICULOUS how sometimes taking cover crouched behind a box or wall thats literally the same height if not taller can allow the enemy to shoot my head when i am not exposed to the enemy but for some odd reason they can chris kyle my character no problem its ludacris!

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE GUNNER AND FLAMER KNOCK BACK IT IS STUPID STRONG FOR NO VAILD REASON IT MAKES NO SENSE HOW AND WHY THE KNOCK BACK CAN LITERALLY PUSH SOMEONE ACROSS THE ROOM OR OUT OF COVER IT IS UPSURD!!! Even with Flamer and gunner resistances its still insanely OP!!! i can understand a slow down from flamers but the same strong knock back the gunners have is seriously ridiculous the knock back needs to be reworked ASAP for the love of god

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Dunno if it will be fixed next update but its so annoying. You need to play wrath Zealot or Ogryn or be butt-mite dog sliding never get hit mode, or just play very slow. Please get on fixing it fat shark. I got reverse tractor beam’d by a couple reapers since I made the mistake of running bolter and I swear I got pushed half way through chasm terminus.

For real brother, being suppressed not facing the enemy and getting shot on cover it’s really annoying but i guess after many hours it’s whatever i think everyone that have play a respectable amount of time just get over this pretty easily, but anyway it could be cool to see a little tweak to being on cover.

To your second point i kinda agree with it, it’s really annoying to get push back by flames, but i think in most situacions the majority of players can avoid flames pretty easily. My real problem with flames push back is only when i play as ogry, due to they bigger size (hitbox) sometimes is really difficult to go around the flames and not get hit by them trying to catch and kill the flamer, and this problem gets worst when the room where you are fighting in is small, being pushed back and since u can’t go around the flames, making your only options use range weapon or keep pushing forward (dodge and slides works too) until catching the flamer with this probably taking your toughness and maybe a little amount of hp.

A solution/tweak for being push back by flames could be reduce the amount of hits that flames do in a specific time lapse and increase flame damage so you won’t be all that immobilized by flames, but they will do more damage to compensate your now increase movility over them and still make flames a threat due to their higher risk of exposure.

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