Knockback From Gunners and Reapers NEED A NERF

Hey FS, I really think your team needs another look at ranged enemies that can essentially infinitely knock you back and stun lock you until death. This is just infuriating and needs a nerf by about fifty percent or more. Can’t run, can hardly move, can hardly respond to something like this. Either that needs a nerf or you guys need to have some kind of curio that has a RESISTANCE against this kind of knockback. Either is fine by me.
Hope this reaches out to the team and seriously take a look at this.


I’ve been pinned against walls before…
Ratling gunners would knock you back, but I don’t recall it being this bad…
Perhaps because they used to have friendly fire and weren’t a “default” mob.

I understand reapers knocking you back…
But every small piece of armsfire doing so is annoying.
And especially when you still have toughness left.


Just the fact that you can HARDLY move to get away from the onslaught is just enraging. It would be fine if you can run away but you can’t. . and hope you don’t get downed by anything else just messing you up.

I got caught once in the open with my toughness broken ; I had to limp back to cover like an anemic grandma and lost 2/3 of my health.

Man, why does DT have to do it to us like that ? Isn’t losing health punishment enough ?


I can understand Ragers getting in your face and being hard to become unglued from, since that’s their job/threat type.

Reapers make some degree of sense. They’re a special enemy and it’s all they do, although the way they freeze you in place and make it impossible to aim at them, run from them, block them or anything else is not acceptable.

The basic Gunners? Nah. Get that out of my face.

They’re definitely priority enemies because of their weapons behavior. If they’re alive and not suppressed open ground is dicey.

Worst thing for ogryn & zelalot is when they use ult to close distance & get knocked in half way because toughness “gopuff” to 0 if they got like focused… then you smack something get a bit of toughness & again puff stager from getting shot [ on damnation one shooter can zero your tongues like in seconds]with 100 shield base it’s like common issue even if you would consider taking toughness curios like 3x16%+4% on those classes it’s 160… less than standard sharpshooters toughness[200] :stuck_out_tongue:
…but as zealot & ogryn you mostly focus on HP+ , stamina regen , resistances to xyz[snipers, shooters…]

Lot of small things adding to the thing that makes me not play this game… like for 2 weeks I tried hard to like it…but everything have a limit & progression to level 30 on fev characters means nothing… nothing changes like you can play heresy & damnation all day but you will be outsourced by people playing malice :stuck_out_tongue: Like i play solo & only jump to games & don’t want to look for teams on discords etc. [what is this a game or a social simulator ; dont even try to say anything I dont like playing like that & that’s all in this topic I rarely play with some friends[& not gonna try invite anyone to the game that is so bad] but how the social tab works in DT makes me puke… B4B alike for crossplay damn you FS] .

Finding people in lobbies for Heresy is semi-easy but Damnation… like compared to V2 i just played today to have a “relaxing day off the DT” & 10 matches were always full & was fun… here it isn’t at all. Maybe try employing more people to sort the normal issues of bugs etc & make “old dogs” in the FS work on things that would improve the things that are not technical issue but a gameplay issue… make it feel like you want to play the game again & more & not like “gonna stay over hours in work” feeling.

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