Weapon bugs with armor

I know that Fatshark forgot about the PC version, considering the lack of bugfix patches for months now, and the only reaction(“acknowledged”) for repeated reports on forum, probably every month about more than half year old bugs and issues…
I know this post of mine will also disappear in the “acknowledged” spam folder, like my ~3 previous report about the same issue over the months, but im still reprting it again, since its ridicolous that a simple bug like this is unfixed for moths…

All the following weapons have the same problem: they have incorrect damage calculated while getting a CRIT HEADSHOT ON ARMORED targets. (i havent tested all weapons, i noticed only on the ones i use)

Dualaxes(pushattack), Glaive(H2)-these crits deal less damage than normal attacks…
If you play WS with Arcane Bodkins talent, you can also add EVERY GODDAMN ELF MEELE WEAPON since since the crit damage is the same with or without the talent on those certain most damaging heavies…

Now gimme my acknowledged tag. thx

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Considering we’re in the process of developing an expansion, I’m not sure I can agree with you here!

There is no need to continue to report the same issue over and over; ‘Acknowledged’ indicates it’s entered our database. We rarely respond to reports made in the ‘Bugs’ sub-category due to time constraints.

You’ll be happy to hear this issue will be addressed in our next patch.

Locking post.

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