Bots vs Screaming Bell

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We all know and love our goofy bots and their tendencies towards avoid ratling gunners when they simply jump off the cliff just not to get hit by bullets. Usually bots hang on the ledge so there’s a small chance of saving them from death.
However, it is not correct for final event of Screaming Bell. I’ve managed to capture video footage of bots jumping straight all the way down without interlude of hanging. Preposterous.
Here’s the video:
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play Screaming Bell with bots.
  2. Reach the final event and approach middle set of chains (see the video).
  3. Be (un)lucky and have a gunner spawned in the distance.
  4. Watch the bots.

I think, there are several ways to fix this:

  1. Bots should never jump off the cliff by themselves. It’s fine if they get pushed, however.
  2. All ranged specials’ attack distance should be limited to a certain distance (left click of beam staff, for example).
  3. Add more wooden borders so no one can jump from there.

P.S. There have been surprisingly many disablers at the Screaming Bell finale since one of the recent patch.
P.P.S. Assassins, jumping at players through other eneimes, should not be a thing.

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Hell, I’ve seen players hurl themselves off the abyss right there. It is possible there’s a bug and missing “grab ledge” mechanic here?

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