Bots and falling down /:-=(

the a.i. just shouldn’t be able to fall down cliffs. at least not untill you sorted it out in a way that this doesn’t occur randomly. i’ve lost so many games just bc bots were hanging down a cliff were we haven’t even been close to. there’s so many “guaranteed” fall downs, like in hunger in the dark, and skittergate, were you can’t get the bots to not fall down. pleas turn off this feature, this ruins so much fun. i’d rather not take any bots with me than this.


I agree. The stupidest is when you have crossed the river in Halescourge and a globadier shows up on the opposite side of the river. The bots try to jump across and hang off the ledge on the opposite side of the river from you. You can’t get back unless you are playing slayer. It’s moronic. It should be fixed, but until then you just have to learn not to go near edges when you think specials are about to spawn.


Amen!! The falling mechanic in this game is the worse. We and bots should be able to climb back up solo somehow; maybe at the cost of health or something.

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