My only issue with this entire game

Hookrats grabbing players through walls/barriers/barricades. Hookrat AI has been broken since Beta. It’s about time it got some attention, please.

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Let us know specific locations where it happens so we can fix them up.


It honestly kinda seems like all walls, corners, and obstacles in general. I’ve been grabbed through boulders where the packrat was over 10ft away, for example. They seem to be able to grab around any corner without needing Los. In the same sense all melee attacks connect through any wall, so does the grab.

Also, their audio is broken right now and they seem to often spawn right on us.


They also pull you in to the ground and you just stay under the level and die.


had one grab me at the skitter gate when going through for the first time and it teleported me into the mountains. Another was on Fort Brach. The barricade to the right just before you enter the fort near the beginning of the map, hookrat grbbed me through it.

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Near the first Grim location on Halescourge is notoriously bad. Near 2nd grim on Screaming Bell is bad as well.

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Also, regardless of timing, at times it seems as though dodging backwards doesn’t work against hookrats unless you’re the host. You’ll see the animation begin for being hooked but the player in 3rd person and the hook will still have a healthy gap between it. Like the player isn’t actually hooked but stuck in the hooked animation.

Furthermore, timing your blocks seems to be overwhelmingly dangerous unless your the host or the host has a decent connection. I often times find myself forcing host because I’ll try to time blocks for the 100% free stamina cost trait but will still take hits. It’s as though all the hit reg and block reg calculations are done host side rather than client side. I think most people would agree that it should be client side. If I block before I take the hit on my screen, it shouldn’t count as a hit against me just because it took longer for the host to receive the information about when my character’s block began.


Hookrats are just broken, like many aspects of the game. The idea that a hookrat, which is basically a game ending enemy with shockingly high health, can clip through entire hordes and grab you is ridiculous. When you hear…well, IF you hear a hookrat, you panic because he could be anywhere in the a group of enemies, often impossible to see and thus impossible to dodge or retaliate against.

Then he nabs you through the crowd and you’re left wondering what you could have done better, already knowing the answer.


I was playing Empire In Flames, I was at the first burned house. I went down the ladder (to get the chest in the secret back part with the 3 burned houses) and about 60% of the way down a hookrat grabbed me through the wall and ladder.


Extra note: Honestly, I think a lot of the problems with dodging hookrats and being grabbed through walls etc is down to the really bad host/client desync. If we get dedicated servers like you promised then it might resolve a lot of issues.