Why do i keep on getting trapped from around corners

is anyone else having this issue? there will be a clear line of sight blockage but you still get trapped. god dam its so annoying


Once in a while something like this happens, trappers just threading the needle.

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Trappers are factually broken and shouldn’t exist in the game. Their entire design is anti-fun, anti-logic, and break up the flow of the game in general.

Compared to the Packmaster in Vermintide, there’s really nothing removely fair about Trappers. Disincluding all the literally broken BS Trapper projectiles do curving around, through, over cover and through teamamtes, just the idea of a specialist that forces the team to voluntarily move into extreme danger to untrap teammates is bad design. Let’s not even talk about latency problems and the un-trap animation bar canceling on loop sometimes.


Not all walls are made equal.

@sioux feels bad… idk if it just clipped your character’s hitbox or there’s a collision detection issue, but unlucky either way.

Sure trappers feel bad but I think it’s subjective at best to call them bad design. It’s a high risk specialist with a unique penalty for being caught. Yeah they’re buggy, more so for having a projectile attack, but that’s the worst of it.

I think the VT2 hookrat is scarier on account of how far it can drag you away from the team. You’ve got enough time to unweb someone while staring daggers at the trapper who is just sitting there mumbling and waiting for the sweet release of death.

Unless of course you’re trapped in fire, but all disablers are bad juju multipliers…


Trappers are fair and balanced.

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I find trappers more preferable to packmasters due to the ability to stun a trapper as it approaches, whereas with packmasters, the only option is to hope for a perfectly timed dodge. In particular, I favor the pox hound over the assassin rat. The assassin rat seems somewhat unreliable and employs questionable tactics, which can be especially frustrating and immersion-breaking, such as its ability to freely teleport after missing an attack in a melee-centric game. Despite the refined concepts of specialists in Darktide, the presence of bugs weighs them down.

However, I don’t believe the trapper adds much to the game, and I find it unfair that their nets pull you towards their position.

Their net is basically hitscan. Don’t pay too much attention to the animation.

This is why it goes through fences, and can simply just clip your toe to count as a hit.

Either train yourself to pay extra attention at all times to get the jump on her, or accept that sometimes you’re gonna catch a net.

Not saying I like it, but that’s how it is right now.


LOS when the trapper goes to fire.
They have CSHD too!

I think it probably has a bit to do with dsync, basically i think im safe due to the visuals on my screen, but the server sees it another way, resulting in me getting trapped when i believe i am in cover.

Or, i could have had a bit of my body/hitbox sticking out from cover, and the net just latched onto it.

it feels like what i see is i’m behind cover, but the ai sees my arm sticking out so i get trapped. this isn’t good design

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I’ve been hoping for a fix for this for so long, eagerly reading through every patch notes for any mention of trappers and their nets but sadly it doesn’t seem to be a priority for Fatshark.

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Trappers really need some fixing. They should not be able to shoot nets through solid objects. Today I got trapped by the trapper I couldn’t even see.

Shooting nets through other enemies is probably for another discussion.

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