These trappers are terrible, in a bad way


The trappers gotta change. Two simple solutions:

1.) Make their entrance to the scene more recognizable. These giggles or whatever sounds they’re making, are too quiet and unlike all other specials I just cannot hear them. This makes for them being able to do sneak attacks and causing a status that is the most devastating for a team: being trapped without being able to get out unless a team-mate gets you up (which is why the trapper causes a worse status than the pox hound).

2.) Make their dodge window more clear. At first I thought the moment to dodge was when you hear the net sound. Wrong. It’s almost a second later. The net sound is basically the trapper cocking his gun? This is counter-intuitive. Secondly, unlike other ranged classes, I can’t clearly see a flash indicating that it’s time to dodge?

Maybe there’s also a third thing that bugs me:

3.) One trapper could trap an entire team and I’ve seen it happen. Sure, this is mostly caused because one or two players are inexperienced, but it’s also because this enemy is ridiculously effective. Like the hookrat in Vermintide, this enemy should just trap 1 guy an drag him along or something. Or just trap one guy and stay with him. Or… the trapper shouldn’t be able to trap another so quickly after trapping the first.

I like all the elites, but this a-hole has made me want to alt-f4 more than once (ESPECIALLY when the game decides to spawn 3 or 4 at once!?).


Personally I’ve no problem hearing them screaming “I’M GONNA CAPTURE HAHAHAHA” when they enter or whatever they say. if it’s not during a horde you can also hear LOUD footsteps approaching fast. I think the dodge window is somewhat clear, it makes the charging gun sound and when it ends you need to dodge ( comparable to a Plasmagun charge sound). What bothers me is that they DON’T get staggered by the Zealot charge and I agree 3-4 at once can be overwhelming for new players , on what difficulty did you play? if it was a higher one it does seem warranted tho.


I don’t hear them as well as you make it sound, at all. I’m playing co-op with a couple of friends and we all share the same opinion with regards to this. You’re right though, the only time we don’t hear them is during hordes. The problem is that of all elites, these you gotta be able to hear. You hear the pox hound just fine, always, or the Mutant. These guys though? Nope. Imo (or in our opinion), these guys should have a constant recognizable sound exactly like the hookrat had a constant recognizable sound.

I’m playing with a band of Tide fans. We’re dads that all have about 400 hours into Vermintide 2. All three of us had moments we wanted to rage-quit, and only because of the Trappers :stuck_out_tongue:

I played on Malice when the 3/4 spawned. Happened in multiple games.


oh , I play it solo I guess voice chat might be the “issue” , I think they could make them laugh like a maniac the entire time so people with voice chat can still identify them easily.

They’re far less noticable compared to the Hook Rat in Vermintide. I’m usually playing with friends with voice chat. Usually at least one of us will call out a special spawning when we hear the sound, and more often than not we don’t notice the trapper sounds. We usually only notice it when there isn’t anything else going on.

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Out of all the specials I’ve never had a problem with trappers. They’re very weak. Any team in coherency shouldn’t have a problem with them

One thing I wish they reconsidered since Vermintide 2 is disablers being able to grab you, pounce at you THROUGH other enemy mass. The amount of times I had the assassin or the hound get me by FLYING through the HITBOX of a larger enemy. THAT isn’t fun.


Yeah, that’s pretty fair feedback IMO.

The sound cues aren’t universal. I’ve been running premades with headphones and sometimes they make no sound at all. You come around a corner and pop, netted.

I’ve seen them net an ogryn through his deployed shield.

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You cant dodge them if you cant move left or right even over knocked over horde enemies.

You literally are just stuck there swinging… hoping the game desyncs and the net misses you.

If AI can shoot through eachother, players should be able to shoot through each other.

If AI should also not be able to run through each other. Nothing is more annoying that dealing with 7 ragers in front of you and they just ‘merge’ into one unit and you literally cant hit them fast enough to either stun or knock them back because your weapon can only pen 1-3 of them.

I literally cant believe how unbalanced the game is in the higher tiers, its as if they hired kids from roblox to play tier 1 missions and made all the stats off of that.


Glad to see your comment, Davinewrath, because this is exactly my issue as well and I think it holds some extra weight that our entire squad faces this issue. It isn’t just one guy being unsusceptible to sound ques or anything.

You think so? In my experience, a thick horde makes a trapper 100x more dangerous because of the way they can shoot through the mob. This isn’t even counting the other 3-4 specials they will inevitably show up with, which can disrupt team cohesion no matter how skilled the players. I think in this situation they are the most dangerous special with the only competition being the sniper and maybe the poxburster until they fix pushing working consistently on them.

Also taking any melee hit will render you unable to dodge, which again is usually only an issue mid-horde.

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