Trappers are completely silent

Trappers are supposed to have a maniacal laughter when they approach players, but currently, there is a bug for when they approach they will make no discernable audio at all. A lot of times no footsteps or laughter can be heard from them, the only time they can be heard is when they fire their net. Sometimes we don’t even hear them spawn on the map.

Please fix this issue, this recent bug has made encounters with trappers very annoying because you don’t know which direction they’re coming from until they’re on top of you.


I posted this in the poxburster thread, but its all related. My clip shows two trappers approaching silently, too.

Audio is jacked up. Based on dev comments in that thread sounds are ranked by importance, and sounds the game deems ‘not important’ get muted or their volume is turned down.

So next time you get smacked from behind but never heard anything approaching, you probably didn’t miss it. The game decided it wasn’t important and didn’t alert you.


Thanks for the info. The coding logic hurts my brain to tell you the truth. The whole purpose of hearing is to alert us of danger irl.

Therefore, when I’m in the game, what I consider important audio is anything that threatens my immediate safety. I don’t care about growling enemies, loud music, or vox communication, if a pox hound is sneaking up on me, I want to hear it, I want to know about it.

Agreed. I’d rather it all play same volume and let me sort it out mentally, or give me volume sliders per mob type and let me decide what I want to hear.

I already play no music so I can hear specials and elites better, but now the game wants to decide what I should and should not hear? That is super dumb to me.

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Exactly this. The devs don’t need to code a system to prioritize audio because it already exists. It’s called our brain! Our brains are bombarded and overwhelmed by all kinds of visual and audio input that it has evolved to tune out irrelevant information. Heck to make my point, your mind already decided music was unimportant information and you completely muted it.

So in other words, as long as we can hear the trapper in a battle, if we choose to we can ignore all other input and focus solely on that trapper. The fact they designed the game to make some enemies completely silent in certain situations is just bad game design because the player is no longer able to do this and is often surprised and upset by the appearance of a sudden and random special.


Likely, it’s in part a technical issue. Lots of people had their sound bug out and completely mute when 6+ mutants spawned and yelled simultaneously. I’m guessing this “fix” that made everything worse was atleast in part to deal with this issue too.
A far more sensible solution would’ve been to apply a muting system to just distant mutants yelling, but what do I know

Unfortunately, games and computers can only play so many sounds at the same time. When there can be dozens of specials and elites on the field at the same time, a priority system is gonna be required to mute less important audio.

In a perfect world, yes, all the specialist sound cues should be at the same volume, and players should learn them and sharpen their situational awareness over time - but unfortunately, this ain’t that world, so some audio cues will be cut. The way it’s being done right now, though, is very poor.

I don’t believe this is to be the case. We’re not hearing specials even in low-intensity engagement situations. Such as, you’re just fighting the roamers, no horde, then suddenly a pox hound is on top of you with no prior warning.

Now to throw you a bone, even if that were to be the case, then specialists should take priority over all other sounds. We don’t need to hear every single individual mutant that spawns in a mutant wave, but we should be hearing that a mutant has spawned. Besides, waves of specialists can easily be announced over vox communication by those on the Morning Star like how in Deep Rock Galactic we’re warned by the announcer whenever a massive wave of glyphid grunts or deadnaughts spawn in.

Either way, there should be no situation in the the game where we do not hear specialists spawn in, that is bad sound design, period.

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