Trappers Line of sight is crazy

Trappers are a pain to deal with.
I know, I know, they’re supposed to be. Hear me out.

Trappers are well balanced at the two lowest tiers but soon become unmanageable at higher tiers, especially if there is more than one of them (Lord Emperor help us if there are three).

The Trappers should have to have LOS to be able trap a player. I’m not saying they shooting through walls, I’m just saying it would be nice if they couldn’t shoot through their own units to shoot me/you.

They are dam near impossible to single out (in a hoard) and take out. While the Trappers have no problem at all.

Solution/ Tweak:

  1. Make it so they have to see there target with no other units in the way to initiate shot (100% LOS).
  2. Make them stand out more to the Team in that sea of bodies (color, glowing eyes, more prominent electrical particles, etc).
  3. Audible queues

These are more of a side-grades rather than an overhaul. :smiley:


They eventually shoot trough “walls”…
Once i was hit behind a pillar, the other time i was behind a fence.

I’ve been netted through a floor/walkway and when positioned fully behind one of those military barricade with the shooting window (I assume the ‘shot’ passed through the window) which makes no sense.

+1 to this. They could do with a little tuning imo.

Once there was a trapper on the lower level while me and my team were going down the stairs. The trapper had the audacity to shoot and trap someone through the stairs that were between him and the rest of the team.

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I have an issue with Trappers as well: These trappers are terrible, in a bad way

Also, Trappers do indeed shoot through walls. I’ve been shot through a picket fence! Fatshark! FIX! (damn, I just looked up picket fence and that’s not what I mean… I mean the type of fence you see hollywood criminals climb while being chased by a dog)


I had a match where the trapper made his trapping sound – and I dodged about a second after, which should be the right moment to dodge the trapper, as I’m 90h experienced into them – but shot his net about three (3) seconds after the sound! By that time, I had completely ignored the trapper, expecting them to shoot another companion which dodged it! In the end, this wiped us, as we all know that in a “tide” game, the “death” of a single person could mean the wipe of an entire team.

Fix the trapper.