Trapper and shooting through hordes

In my opinion this needs to be changed.

A trapper can hide behind a horde so you cannot see him, and then shoot his net through that horde which you can’t dodge (because you can see him or it).

Ive had 2 games now where the entire team was captured by one trapper because we could not see him, could not shoot him and could not dodge him because he was hiding behind a horde

The Trapper should need LOS to a player in order to fire off the net, and his LOS should be blocked by other enemy units

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Even with the LOS requirement the net is janky enough that they can clip through walls and floors because technically the trapper has LOS. They need a bit more LOS clearance in general as it’s very disconcerting that they can shoot a net through a 2cm gap (blightstormers had the same issue but that’s magic)