Trapper hitting magic shots

So I was playing as my psyker, I backfilled into a disruption match we were climbing a complex of stairs. My ogryn teammate is a floor above me and another dude,(leading the charge like a boss) he spots a trapper that he watches shoot a net. The net completely misses the Ogryn and goes through the floor and hits me who has 0 los on the trapper because I’m in another building a floor below. I was not even in los of the stairs to get to my ogryn leader or the trapper that got me. I was completely isolated from the trapper but still got targeted/hit. Please fix.

I have been hit by a trapper through the floor as well if it is a wire mesh floor or if the trapper is on the other side of a climbable fence before entering the playable area and only targetable by ranged. There is a sniper that similarly spawns outside the player area in one horde area where you are killing a demon and starting a factory machine and he snipes the group through a fence outside the player area. Also trappers and grenade users and even snipers will leave the player area for monster closets hide then come back. I also have had hounds that get hit and fly straight up into the air a hundred feet sometimes they die sometimes they come back into the player area still alive. All of these bugs need addressed or corrected as once an enemy is shooting at you you should be able to kill them with melee or ranged attack as ammo is needed to do range and not everyone is not as ammo reliant as the psycher so everyone should be able to deal with these enemies not have them run into unreachable area’s to hide after they disable team members only to re-enter the fray in the middle of a horde that you can’t dodge in and shoot a net on you while you are body blocked. Speaking of which. mobs should not prevent you from dodging mechanics no matter how dense the crown is you should be able to use game mechanics to evade so you can have clutch play from all players in overwhelming horde scenario’s