Scab Trapper can shoot through ennemies

I was wondering if this was a bug or normal that the Trapper shoots his net through ennemies.

My last game was a frustating experience when a trapper shot 2 people through a Beast of Nurgle. Me and the other player had zero chance of reacting because even if we can hear the sound, we could not see and kill the trapper.

Hope this will change in the future.


I have a feeling it is intended, but it also feels REALLY bad when you can’t see them at all through a horde that is also making so much noise you can’t hear the tell either.
Literally had a perfect run end in the corridor to extraction precisely because of this, everyone got netted because heavily armored units were in the front and take time to get down, and trapper was just casually firing through 4+ armored ogryn elites and about 20 horde without us being able to get at them whatsoever.

Would love if their net could only pass through X number of enemies before failing, and not pass through elite unites at all in order to prevent stuff like this.