Trappers nets going through Walls and Wall corners

I’ve encountered more and more trappers who stop around a corner and shoot their nets. Especially around door frames. I’ve noticed that the nets will visibly go through the walls and capture players.
Also, at the end of the map Refinery Delta-17, there are a fews walls that are actually metal fences, well apparently the nets will go through those as well. Not even on the corner this time, the trapper stopped midway through the stairs, saw me through the fence wall and just shot a net at me. I dodged it by sheer reflex.

That’s a problem, guys. The last exemple happened during a high intensity hunting grounds on Damnation. We already have so much to deal with and the trappers shooting nets through enemies is already very strong, can you at least fix the nets going through walls and corners. I understand that would require a bit of rework on the trapper’s behavior but i think it would greatly improve the game.



I think what’s happening here is that Trapper nets aren’t really ‘objects’, they’re hitscan projectiles. That means that most of the ‘net’ doesn’t exist, so it can shoot so long as it has line of sight within a certain distance.
This is also probably why they can shoot through stairs.

Trappers in general are also annoying for being able to shoot through hordes.


they can also shoot them through wire fences and similar which really indicates they are fancy hitscan projectiles as bullets also go through wire fences


I agree. But it seems to be even better than bullets. Because when you trigger it’s shooting animation arround a corner and then dodge around that corner to cover, I’ve seen the entirety of net go through solid walls. So it seems like it’ll go through most of the time regardless.

Anyway, definitely something to look at and fix I think.

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It is way better than bullets, bullets have collision with enemies. Enemy attacks do not collide with dodge state, which is why you can dodge a mutant inside of it but a net will grab you if you can’t get out of the way. Fat enough enemies can take sniper shots for you, but the net will fly through anything. Another amazing interaction it has is that it seems to take you to the netter’s position instead of just throwing you into a semi-downed state like the animation suggests. I’ve seen players jump off ledges, be in a state they can’t dodge so a net homes in on them, and they end up getting pulled up to the ledge by the trapper’s feet instead.


it will happened when the “director” hv selected u to be the one who died.

ive being trapped from the back through metal fences that we cant visibly see and even shoot through.

being trapped while fighting a dense horde, somehow the net is invisible enough to go through all the obstacle and pull u towards awkward places that is hard to be rescued while being downed. not to mentioned we cant dodge properly bcause of the horde body blocking our path.

being trapped by sudden spawn of trapper that come out of thin air without any audio clue. from the back of course and the trapper was so close like it neglects ur dodge direction and trapped u anyways.

to the devs who coded and read this, it felt cheap and rigged.


It’s not hitscan. It is totally the opposite.
Now, this is a nitpick, but gamer terminology is important.
Hitscan is if you tap a button and it instantly connects or misses depending on where you pointed. There is no flightpath.

Trappers shoot projectiles with a somewhat linear flightpath and a medium projectile speed. If the the projectile hits, you get netted. Trappers shoot through all the surfaces that allow bullets to go through and that you can also shoot through.
Conversely you can also block trapper nets with abilities that null projectiles, such as the Psyker Shield.

This is false.
Trapper shots get always blocked by geometry.


Am I in the wrong or is the nets heat-seeking?

Unless you dodge slide them, sidestepping often is not enough and the net will follow you, or am I crazy?

I don’t think the net projectile curves. I’m pretty sure they just have a very very wide hitbox.

Nets are blocked by geometry but the hurtbox for the net (what hits you to net you) is bigger than the hitbox (what is used to calculate if they can shoot you), which is a point/line, so it can feel like jank when they shoot you close to a corner or column.


It’s very well represented by the projectile image, though. Not janky at all. People just don’t want to fess up that they mess up, simple as. As per always.

Reminds me of that other thread where people were asking for bomber nerfs because they can’t dodge a +5 second telegraphed ranged projectile attack.

The common denominator here is: Skill issue.

Skill or not, when the half the graphic of the net clips through a wall, that does feel jank. Either have it be a small projectile that only unfolds when it hits you or have the whole net graphic respect obstacles.

Nets going through hordes/ogryns is a related but separate issue.


I blame lag for a lot of these. Net shoots, you get around a corner or get out of the way, the server still sees you get hit by it, net violates spacetime continuity and warps through a wall to trap you, you get dragged into the wall. It’s probably the same thing that causes you to dodge a dog and then have the dog teleport to your post-dodge location and pin you anyway.


Not crazy, just unlucky. Could be a ping or netcode issue maybe? I constantly side-dodge away from trapper nets. it’s actually my most successful way of avoiding them as trying to sprint or even slide out of the way always ends in me getting caught.

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Please this ^

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i had that feeling before, but i think its just an optical illusion due to its curvature, brain tells you you’re infront of the net, but you are already at an angle
like this:


Might be a ping issue.

I guess swedish fiber isn’t enough after all :man_shrugging:

i saw a trapper net somebody from below, and instead of pulling them down to the trapper, it pulled them away from the trapper up a ledge

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I’ve had snipers hit me behind walls after dodging, but it’s mostly on high ping. I imagine it’s a similar scenario here. Hasn’t happened to me yet, but today and yesterday two different groups were complaining about it.

Since the new patch, I’ve seen this as often as twice in the same mission.
Luckily for the guy in the net; the platform above was always reachable.
I just dread the moment it is not…