Please Fix Trappers

Trapper nets have been left unchanged for so long that I’m starting to worry that they’re not just a bug that Fatshark deems too low priority to fix, and that they’re actually intended to be some inter-dimensional cosmic horror being that can quantum tunnel their way through anything between them and the player.

Now I think most players can agree that nets should not be able to travel through fences, railings, stairs, crates, the corners of buildings, or pretty much any other terrain feature that you might intuitively try to use as cover. And all of those things definitely need to be addressed, but in my opinion the most egregious thing that nets can travel through is ENEMIES.

My biggest issue with trappers is that they can stand safely behind a horde of poxwalkers, or a patrol of crushers while not exposing themselves to the players at all, and fire a net with zero line of sight that will just magically phase through everything and drag me to my doom. If the enemies around you are thick enough that there’s no room to dodge, and you don’t have a ranged option that can penetrate deep enough to interrupt the net shot, then there’s actually no counterplay. The trapper just gets a free guaranteed grab and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Trappers should require line of sight to fire their nets. When they’re mixed in with other enemies, they should actively attempt to reposition until they can find a clear shot. And if the horde is thick enough, or funnelled through a choke point so that there simply is no clear shot to be found, then they should just wait in the back or run for cover until they can find it. If an enemy does happen to get in the way after the net has been launched, then they should block the net just like any other piece of cover should.

In previous discussions on the topic I’ve seen some opinions that this would make trappers too easy to counter by just keeping a crusher or something in between you and them, but I think it’s a really fun and engaging gameplay mechanic that can already be employed against other enemies such as gunners. And I think trappers are already fast enough that they would still pose a significant challenge while they’re trying to reposition to find line of sight.

Oh and while we’re on the subject of fixing trapper nets, I also think they should have some projectile drop because some net shots travel ridiculously far after being dodged by their intended target but that’s a much smaller issue that I can live with.

TL;DR: Trapper nets shouldn’t be able to travel through objects and enemies, and they should require an actual line of sight to fire.
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Holy sheit I agree, I hate when people twist this type of post to be like “skill issue” but like come on now, why are they allowed to shoot some random ass net through a wall of metal i.e. (an assload of crushers/bulwarks) its some BS. Thank you for sharing this pain. HOPEFULLY we can get a change for the better for trappers.


I feel like making trapper nets be blocked by any enemy would make them really weak, and the presence of a horde would be sabotaging a trapper.

Not being able to shoot through large enemies wouldn’t be so bad - exploiting a Crusher for example to body block could be interesting, and the Crusher is dangerous enough on its own that it’ll punish any screw ups. I’m not sure if I’d extend it to man sized elites/specialists, kinda on the fence with that idea at the moment.


Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been trapped through a wall of crushers with literally no way of possibly knowing it was coming. I second everything here and have spoken to many different players in-game that agree. Trappers should NOT be able to shoot through ANYTHING. It feels completely unfair for the player when they do exactly what they should’ve done to avoid a trapper, and then still get punished anyways. Also they should be able to be swatted out of the air by either shooting or smacking them with a melee weapon.


That wouldn’t make them any weaker. Just less frustrating.


I’ve been hit by way too many nets going through a wall of crushers or bullwarks. Most annoying one was mutant toss, into a mutant toss, into a trapper net.

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Bulwarks also need to be addressed but that would be off-topic. Suffice is to say their guard needs to be easier to knock-aside (currently takes like 10+ hits and sometimes all that does is cause them to stagger back while still blocking, BS considering our ogyn can have his shield knocked away under heavy enough assault). But off topic so I will say no more.

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How wouldn’t it? If the AI director spawns a horde, it has provided the player with a shield to use against trappers. Call me crazy, but the direct counter to one enemy shouldn’t be common enemy body blockers that are spawned dozens at a time.

If your back is up against the wall or you’re cornered (situations where trappers would be more dangerous because you have less room to maneuver), how can a trapper even attack you? The horde is blocking attacks from the front and your off angles are a brick wall.


I think they are not changing it because trappers work as intended. Yes, the net will go through thin objects such as stair and thin bunkers but it won’t go through solid objects. Personally, I don’t think it needs adjustment. Some people say the net shouldn’t shoot through other mobs, that would make trapper a piece of cake to deal with.

Let’s say they fix it exactly the way you want it:

Now, trappers can’t shoot you unless they are face to face with you (not below or above the stairs), and there have to be no other adds around since it’s most likely other adds going to block the net. Basically, they are a piece of junk now. Might as well just remove them from the game.

Beside improving the audio clue of this mob, I don’t think trappers should change one bit.


Firstly, Bulwarks don’t really deal damage. Secondly, there are 180• degree angle you can freely shoot them (directly behind to its right side where the shield is not held). Lastly, it’s better to bait an attack, dodge back, the guard is opened, and kill it almost instantly.

Dealing with Bulwarks is much better than dealing with Crushers which required a more specific build or setup.

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
Have fun soloing 6 bulwarks at once.
Unless you can mass stagger them or something, you can not do much.

At least you can always damage crushers, even when they come in large groups.

I don’t really wanna get into this but have a little bit of time.

Same thing can be said to Crushers. You mentioned at least we can damage crushers, but the weps that deal meaningful damage are pretty much as limited as weps that can stagger Bulwarks.

Moreover, meleeing a group of 6 Crushers is a lot more punishing. Its overhead attack is 1 shot, and with a group of 6, their attacks don’t sync. I rather use what around me to deal with Bulwalks (stairs, barrels, for example), than dealing with Crushers. Because I (and other random teammates) don’t need to have a specific builds to deal with them. Even if there are many other mobs, kiting away from Bulwalks is much easier. Maybe I’ll go res my team first or whatever I feel like because they are not much of a threat.

All melee weapons can damage crushers.

If you melee fight a bunch of bulwarks at once, you can not damage them at all.

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That’s fine. Don’t feel like giving more explanations. Let’s agree to disagree. And ty for the info.

I think you are abusing the notion of “counter” here. By your logic, would teammates also count as a “counter” ?

Trappers net not going through other bodies (or walls) doesn’t reduce their effectiveness in any way. They will trap you just the same. The only difference is that you won’t feel cheated when it happens.

Why should they attack you? Other enemies cornering you wait for an opening to attack. Why should the trapper be any different?

I don’t understand why you insist the Trappers should be entitled to attack you from anywhere at any time no matter the cover or even line of sight. Nets are not like grenades that you lob in the general direction of your target. You have to aim it.


How so?

It’s the player team versus the AI director. Your teammates defending you from trappers, that’s them playing the game, helping the team.

Enemies blocking the trapper is the AI director protecting the team… from the AI director. Why should the AI director protect the team?

Of course it does, holy crap, can you really say that with a straight face? You have a large number of enemies around you. If the trapper is not allowed to shoot through any of them, please tell me how is it being effective?

Passing through environmental elements is a different matter. I’ve no objections to that.

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He isn’t wrong, if you are good at dodging, you will eventually kill 6 crushers because you can always deal some damage whereas Bulwark packs block for each other because of that stupid 180 degree block angle on them even if you don’t aim at them.

I think the problem is you are counting this as an all or nothing scenario, when most people agree trappers shouldn’t be able to shoot your through walls and railings, but not letting them shoot at all (which is what you are proposing even though you seem to not understand how hordes work) unless they are the only enemy on the screen makes them pointless.

ok boss :guardswoman: :pray:

TH is too difficult to just bait a simple bulwark attack to open the guard and quickly do a lot of damage to it. Tired