Game spawning much, much less enemies than intended

I play nothing but auric monstrous, a normal map used to yield about 40-50 specials/disablers killed on the scoreboard, with easy 400k total boss damage, sometimes on one player alone, and now we struggle to hit 20 specials/disablers killed and barely crack 100k boss damage per run.

Please investigate, I remember that one time hordes were accidentally nerfed, maybe something similar is going on ?

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When did your issue start? This is from a game I played just a few days ago:

very hard to tell, but today we were getting noticeably less monster spawns, without getting a single hell run with a million full health one

could be the luck of the dice ? but what are the odds on getting back to back to back to back extremely chill monstrous maps with nothing to kill ?

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this is like the top end of what we get, back to back to back, nobody even cracking 200k boss damage, there’s definitely something wrong

we didn’t get a single one in the end event

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Not saying you’re wrong, but its possible you have merely ascended from this mortal plane.

In my game we scored a combined 319k boss damage which was 28 monstrosities and we wiped before the bridge of martyrs on throneside. So near the end. In your game you scored 212k. I count 73 specials and 107 disablers for your game. I had 105 specials and 115 disablers. I think my game was also about 38 minutes long so it does look like you have a moderate reduction of some kind.

It could be your pacing and skill, you said you’re only playing this mode so i’m guessing that is via that retry mod. That might explain the discrepancy. I’ve noticed that individual missions seem to have some kind of spawngen seed which can lend consistency to a retried game. But it i agree it bears investigating.

maps aren’t seeded, I can attest to this since we don’t have map selection and are forced to replay the same maps at least a couple times a day and there’s some pretty crazy variance

I could be schizo, but last time I had a hunch like this it turns out hordes got nerfed and some events got broken, so hoping we just got unlucky with our boss spawns

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I also noticed that there are fewer specialists coming out. Bosses now come out with full HP or with 9 thousand HP (where are the bosses with 25 thousand HP?). Bosses under Nurgle’s blessing do not have increased HP.

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