Is it just me or are there less enemies now?

Either the spawning is bugged or the new Horde variants are just that much more forgiving.

I also notice a sharp increase in performance, which normally would be commendable. But I fear it’s down to much less entities being spawned.

Sometimes Hordes don’t spawn at all. Something is off. Let’s discuss. Did anyone find any clues?

Darkripple ™ is upon us.

Just played a “high intensity” Damnation mission (Enclavum Baross) and at the end of the mission all we got were scattered groups of 4 or 5 enemies… very mood killing! The rest of the mission wasn’t too hard either :frowning:

The console hordes are here, it seems. biggest number of mobs I saw on screen was like 50, feels meh.

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Okay so my feeling wasn’t betraying me.

Game needs to be renamed to Ordertide now.

Definitely feels that way

Made a thread in the bug section, it got the “acknowledged” mark, so probably unintended. Let’s hope they figure it out and it’s unintentional. Would be a shame to have all these new toys and no need to really use them.

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Yeah this wasn;t my experience on a Hi-Int Heresy, it was basically wall to wall enemies from start to finish with mixed packs and constant slogging. Then I did a Damnation and it was somehow tamer. Not sure whats going on here

Added more ways for the Conflict Director to spawn hordes. Hordes can now spawn in different ways to respond to player behaviour, including coordinated strike with Specialists, mixed in Elites with the horde, push from behind while ranged enemies spawn ahead, bigger ambushes with more spread and more.

Patch #13: Class Overhaul Part 1

I believe what’s happening is that the new Horde Spawn variations aren’t properly recognized or used by the Conflict Director correctly.

When the old spawns happen, everything works as intended.
When the new spawns happen, you get a whole lot of nothing, with only ambient enemies around.

Alternatively it could be that the new spawn methods are in conflict with the old.

Whichever it is, this change will be responsible the issue when it crops up.

I think they did in fact change the spawning/AI Director hence the wonky spawning. I did a normal dam. and it spawned 5 trappers and 5 mutants simultaneously and the horde was like maybe 20 poxwalkers maximum.

There are higher numbers of certain specials in a short period of time, but overall the enemy count is noticeably down.

I’m pretty sour on this patch so far.

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