How many enemies per wave?

Just how many enemies tend to spawn in each wave of a horde? Screenshotting and counting, I get from 25-35, but that’s a pretty imprecise way. I believe Skaven hordes are bigger, but I’m just curious just how much is about average on Legend.

If someone knows from the code, please let me know, and if a dev were to chip in, I’d greatly appreciate it. :slight_smile:

From my experience, it seems to depend on the host or perhaps it’s just random. But some hordes seem to be tiny, the entire match. Meanwhile in other matches, hordes are so massive they are pushing us back. This is me with a glaive on HM and a Ex Merc or Sienna, so we have plenty of horde clear. There’s just so many it even drops my FPS pretty significantly.

I’m not sure why there seem to be so many or so few, but it seems to depend on the host.

Grimalackt broke most of it down while working on Onslaught. Check out the part about horde composition!


Thanks for the link, it is a great data source. Grim is truly a gift to the community!

I have read it, but it speaks about event hordes. It doesn’t tell me actual numbers for random hordes. Grim did explain in response to a comment I made about how threat and intensity work, and from that I understand that an upper cap would be 60 slave rats spawned at once (if nothing else was aggroed at the time). But that still doesn’t tell me how many actually spawn in each wave. That’s why I was hoping a dev might say.

Yeah, my bad. I read through Grim’s post quite some time ago and didn’t quite remember the content. It would indeed be interesting to know more about all the “intensity”-mechanics, including normal hordes. From personal observation I would say it’s similar to event hordes size-wise. Sometimes the waves consist of next to nothing and sometimes they seem to never end.

I imagine the size of hordes may be impacted by intensity. If there are already scads of ambients aggroed, then maybe the director doesn’t spawn as big a wave?

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