Hordes bugged?

hordes on legend mode are far and few between and also very small. i tried lowering my thread count to four down from nine as i read in patch notes there had been an effort to minimize cpu usage, I assumed this was a fix to add later on to consoles due to lower clock speeds or to make the game more consistent among different hardware setups, as a result the hordes became more consistent and larger but still not legend mode size or scope.

this has made the game very boring at times. often ambients are far and few between, also enemies have been popping in and out of existence which isnt much of a problem until they appear behind you.

I have noticed this on all maps inc DLC, kill counts average 1-250 instead of the usual 350-600

I have also noticed very inconsistent damage values such as slave rats dealing 1/3-1/2 dmg with stormvermin overheads dealing 1/10 dmg at times (rats in rats?).

DXDiag DxDiag.txt (71.6 KB)


And others.

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I’m curious, what does the thread count actually effect? Is it just how many CPU threads the game is useing?

This then has an effect on both the amount of mobs and the distribution.
In the beta (The original one prelaunch), someone reduced threads to one and drastically dropped clockspeed, and the result was very small hordes and very few roaming enemies, though there seemed to be a ‘power-level’ of mobdistribution - resulting in an excessive amount of berserker-type enemies.
Other side-effects may include lags before horde- or special-spawns and completely shot mob pathing.

Im not actually sure mate, i havn’t monitored it, but there has been the theory floating around for a while that hosts with more powerful cpu’s spawn larger hordes and more enemies, it now seems to be the opposite.

Actually, it could be assumed that hosts with weak CPUs would have bad unit pathing, resulting in the rats taking too long to get to the players, thereby blocking “slots” for more monsters.
It is indeed possible that some games nowadays have problems with too many threads instead, as seen in the new Threadripper CPUs having a “Legacy”-Mode that turns off half the cores and significantly improves performance in some titles.

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