Legend horde size and numbers seem lower on 1.2

There seems to be far less frequent hordes now and combined with all the other changes, legend now feels too easy. Kill numbers at the end of missions also seem to line up this.

eh? Could this be tied to CPU’s again like people speculated before? Hordes actually seem much larger for me since the beta. Even champion hordes are massive. A normal legend game is netting me around 500-800 kills… This is much higher than before as my groups tend to speed through the maps, full steam ahead. And I seem to get hordes a lot quicker as well. This is with my 3 friends killing 300-600 on average as well.

That was from my last game before I logged off.

While the kills aren’t abnormal especially if cpu related but the dmg clearly is not in line with my and many peoples experiences.

My screen shot is pretty average for a legend game since 1.2.
Your dmg/kill ratio: 25.6 (43289 / 1691)
My dmg/kill ratio: 12.6 (12554 / 998)

I think this is very interesting considering we both had one boss.
I kept statistic of dmg dealt of my games untly the 1.2 beta were the numbers started to be strange. The 1.1 average total dmg for a pub was: 27000
I clearly undercut it
You clearly topped it off
Something isn’t in order

Fort BrachsenbrĂĽche (client):

For me it is the complete opposite. Hordes seem to be alot larger, more condensed and coming from more different directions than before.

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I use the hagbane which tends to inflate damage numbers. Also, I was the host in that SS, clients don’t see the correct information.

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