Mission modifiers seem bugged (spawn to much enemies)

Right now every second mission is a fail, because there way to many enemys spawning at once. It actually feels like a bug to me, but im not sure. Please dont tell me about endless hordes its not that, i played them befor the patch and it was never as it is right now.

Something is not right here …

Fine and fun as it was before, I didn’t feel any change in horde.

Find good weapon you like, in your team, cover all needed aspects (tank, horde, elite killer etc.).

If you play with randoms (I like to do quick play sometimes), understand you may loose because of it. Go to lover difficulty, practice

If you hear nothing new, sorry for your time

I play the game since 100 hours now (with first beta). Something is not right anymore when it comes to enemy numbers, thats for sure.

I remember feeling this way until I got better gear and got more used to the spawns. People aren’t even using their grenades on hordes these days, a lot of the tools aren’t properly being used and tips like how in the water supply mission you can farm some of the horde spawns to reduce their lethality aren’t widely known.

I think endless hordes as a modifier is a bit meh, but the normal maps seem okay to me. Give it some time for people to learn the game, and if you have grenades at the end of the map you’re not playing correctly :stuck_out_tongue:

I think there is a bug in the modifiers or the director where it just decides to randomly spawn hordes endlessly and/or have groups of specials come out one after the other non-stop. It’s fairly rare, but when it does happen the map literally floods with hordes.

Ha ha ha, thatds what i said a week ago, i have now 100 hours with the first beta. I just had a misison where we faced 7-8 maulers directly in a row xD

Yeah thats what i think too :wink:

Oh, I thought you meant all enemies not just elites. Like hordes and stuff too.

I feel the numbers are “ok”, but the spawning randomly on top of players and inside their pockets is the most annoying part. But yeah. On threat lvl 4 it can be a bit wonky with 3000 specials alongside fifteen hordes.

I played a few more missions now and it seems that the modifiers are bugged. Thats my impression at least and on steam it was confiremd from a few other players. Maybe it does not happen all the time, but sometimes the game seem to spawn more enemies as it should. The normals missions seem ok :wink:

Hmmmm, maybe…
I got power sword and just slice everything in half

Me two with my force sword :wink: