I despise the Endless Horde modifier, and the randomized mission system in general

Dear Fatshark. Endless hordes is not fun for everyone, it’s definitely not fun for me. So why is it two of the tier 3 missions I can do are always endless horde? Why can’t I just choose my own missions sans modifiers and have there be a weekly modifier mission like in Vermintide 2? Why did you fix something that wasn’t broken?

To be fair the only other modifier I’ve seen was extreme fog everywhere and that wasn’t very fun either but I’d take that over the endless hordes “sorry your run ended because 5 mutants spawned, seperated your team, and chucked you into various other specials like trappers or hounds”.

Even if your team is paying attention during endless hordes and manages to down specials as they spawn and what have you, it will still take at least twice as long for a minimal increase in reward. That’s also not fun.

So TL;DR please allow me to select my own missions, and whether or not it’s affected by modifiers.


it is a terrible lazy phoned in mod and far too frequent. these need to change up gameplay mabe kiss and curse style.

truck loads of extra trash to sit and mow through just adds tedium and carpal tunnel.

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Maybe, it’s still in beta and matchmaking isn’t fully implemented yet? Just saying.