Mission Modifiers went from a variety and fun to only Endless hordes

My personal opinion is, modifiers add a nice touch to deciding a mission. Do you want to turn on the difficulty and play an endless hordes? Or do you want to try and achieve a difficulty higher but selecting fewer hordes. I seen the twitter post about the lights out mode and by the time I logged on the same day it was gone…

When I first played and had a ventilation event where visibility was low it really added variety and made me play more instead of getting burned out!! I believe that there should NEVER just be one modifier, honestly the last 2 days it has been ONLY Endless hordes, which makes it not interesting. I like having new modifiers at all times it keeps it fresh.

Please give us at least 2 modifiers, even if it’s just endless and fewer hordes. Just giving us 1 modifier for 2 days turns the system into a “oh well I won’t do this mission now” instead of choose your own adventure!

Well that’s my two cents, I love this game so much and can’t stop! Thank you everyone at fatshark for the great game!

P.S. keep the lights out event for at least 2 days!!! doing it for 2 hours was really disappointed, I’m sure I’m not the only one who missed it.


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Idea: Could it be possible to have an event with increased craftables?

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Update it’s been Endless hordes for 3 days… are the modifiers broken? Everytime it resets modifiers it’s simply changing the endless hordes… what happened to lesser hordes or any of the other modifiers?

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I can only assume its bugged.

But I am crossing my fingers that the is more than just 4 mission modifiers in the game because the only 4 ive seen through the entire beta are:
-endless hordes
-fewer hordes

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