Choosing lvl 4 mission always gives you endless hordes?!

Sadly I haven’t had a single lvl 4 mission today without Grimoires or Scriptures so that might be the problem as well.

There are both missions with and without endless hordes to choose from but everytime we picked one WITHOUT endless hordes it ends up being WITH endless hordes anyways.

Might be something with the latest patch or it might be the modifier adding the grims or scriptures.

If anyone else gets a chance to start a mission clean without endless hordes let me know please.


// Dr.Angst.

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I had the same problem 2 days ago.


I just figured that the level of enemies for Heresy was just the baseline for that difficulty, haven’t tried it with Endless horde yet to really compare but at that difficulty i expected it to go the way it does

I have managed to start one normal level 4, rest have had more hordes.

Yeah, seems it’s all endless hordes and not even reduced hordes anymore. Which was a shame as it made sense thematically. If the goonsquads were bunched up in one part of the city, there would be less elsewhere.

I’ll look for one that doesn’t have a secondary objective, but I always get endless horde even when it isn’t specified. Is this intentional? I haven’t seen it addressed by devs yet. Is this what the ‘global condition’ is supposed to be?

Still getting this today, on level 4’s without secondary objectives, no Endless Horde in mission select, as soon as you’re in, Endless Horde. It’s pretty frustrating

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As I posted in the other thread: This is not an UI bug. Lvl4 missions not showing the High Intensity modifier in the Strategium have the modifier enabled in mission. We do get doubled spawns, monsters, shorter horde spawn intervals. Please re-evaluate this asap as it barrs players from progression.