Why do heresy missions all have 'Endless hordes'?

Why do heresy missions all have the ‘Endless hordes’ modifier even when it’s not specified on the mission select screen ? By the way, that modifier is trash on malice+ difficulties. To be avoided at all costs. Just split it into +hordes, +elites, and +specials already !

Edit: I made a bug report. Heresy right now is nigh unplayable.


Its just fine. I like +hordes on heresy. You know the drill - Git gud.

I… don’t care. I was looking for a chill Legend-like experience, but right now you can’t even have that.


No, they do not have. But does it make any difference at this lvl?

And in-game:

It’s like this for every Heresy mission, I checked again today.


The only way to be free of it was to play a darkness map. I want those in the rotation more often, endless horde is stupid and boring.

Have you submitted it as a bug? With screenshot proof it might get Fatshark to notice. I’d definitely like it fixed lol. Heresy is miserable with this every mission, idc what the cata-no lifers say

Yeah I submitted it two days ago with the screenshots and stuff.

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I thought this just meant part of Heresy diffuclty is that modifier on by default.

Heresy feels fine to me, completeing 70% of my runs with randoms as long as they’re all a good level.

It’s been like this since soft launch, and it’s been reported thousands of times.

better when all missions are with low-in and you just dont wanna do another mission where you just running like tourist on empty map…

It’s interesting, because it’s clearly a left-over.
The overworked “Endless Horde” modifier is Hi-Intensity Zone. Endless Hordes was more extreme, so this explains why Heresy difficulty right now on super steroids. Also interesting: It means all the old modifiers must be still in the game code, not deleted, just disabled from rotation.

Incidentally one of the funniest bugs in the game, Endless Hordes makes Heresy more of a challenge than many Damnation runs.

I wish there were more nuanced conditions too, like more Ragers, more Ogryns, more hordes, more elites, maybe not more shooters.


Mutant Mania, Double Bosses, Mega Mutants, Mini Mutants, Big Bertha Bombers :cowboy_hat_face:

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no way this is still in the game. lmfao. they broke this half way tru the 2nd beta iirc. this devs man, icant