Questionable hot take on the Hersey (endless horde bug)

So currently Heresy (difficult 4) has an endless horde bug that makes it ALWAYS have the endless horde bug to my knowledge. Is it just me or do I actually like it and rather that be default difficulty 4? This isn’t an elitism or “gamer” question, but it doesn’t feel terribly hard, you can definitely still lose if your team messes up, and the large waves really make me feel I’m fight for my life.

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I love the endless horde mod. It should be the standard for all difficulties.

I’m personally a fan of the Endless Horde mod and pick it whenever I see it, which I don’t do for the others. Having MORE stuff to kill is actually kinda fun and is definitely the gap widener for 3 into 4.

I like the endless horde mode though it can be pretty relentless at times so I dunno if I’d always want it. I suppose the neat thing about modifiers is that it can really change up the feel of the game depending on the mood you are in.

It would be cool to have a “strong elites” modifier so every time a big boy shows up you and your team really have to work to bring it down. I’ve had some really epic 1v1 fights with the big shield guys which were really fun