New loud noise for specials spawing specifically the not scary ones like rattling gunner

Yes, there’s been two now.

Just had a game on Fortwhatchemehcallit where at the final event the audio for specials was terrible.

Literally had a character say something about an assassin and then 2 seconds after the assassin jumps on someone. The leap itself looked super janky because the character was reviving someone right next to a ledge and somehow the assassin still managed to get on him.

Where were the whispering skaven noises about backstabbing and such? Nowhere.

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Ah, you mean the cherry-picked questions with generic answers that say nothing.

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They answered nearly every single question in that AMA. Everything I wanted to know, I asked in there and they gave answers. Maybe give it a try?

lol, you are certainly new around here :joy::shark::shark::shark:

Yea like “umhm, I can’t talk about it, I don’t want to get fired” lol. That is the answer to the question when are we getting the night maps on official finally ?

That is again, ridiculous. Enough of this crap, just answer the simple questions guys come on.

It’s either “no fu Flisker we siad no before, so it’s no, like no! god damn it!” or “Yea you’re right after year of people complaining about this, we should prolly do it, and add it”.

They should watch this and other vids with devs on baeclast for exmaple… to see what proper communication looks like, this is huge part of why POE is such a success :

Jonathan won’t give you “I can’t talk about this very simple question” kinda response.


Ok, now I’m confused.
I saw one Q&A on reddit a while back, and then there is the Q&A for week 41 here.
What else is there, can you link it? I know there was supposed to be another Q&A on reddit, but I never found a second one…

Edit: Nvm, found it. Has the same “answer is in the question already” questions, giving the same answers like we’re working on it, checking it, we want to fix it, etc.
The only real thing is that they admit that it will take a lot of time to fix stuff in a way that they don’t break everything else while doing it. otherwise these Q&A’s are just PR stunts.

i just wanted to add that never in all my hours of playing this game, have i had any issues with specials. i always knew where the were at all times. like clockwork thanks to my headset. now in this version of the game, i have been hooked and leached more in a few weeks than i have in almost 2 years. whatever was done to the audio has made listening for the important audio queues much harder and often times, in the case of the packrat, non existent


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